Step 1: Read These Instructions Very Carefully or There Will Be Consequences!!!

Okay, not really…… But please read carefully, anyways! 🙂

You should only fill out this form when you have collected all of the images you want in the show and when you have written and double-checked all of the information you want on the website and in the show’s promo documents.

It is your responsibility to fill out this form correctly. Make sure you triple-check everything before you hit “Submit”! Everyone makes mistakes and we may accept timely corrections and re-submissions using this form. However, we reserve the right to refuse to make last-minute changes to your submitted photos and descriptions. Please do everything you can to ensure that your first submission is also your last submission.

If you do need to make a second submission, you need to include all the information you want to keep from your first submission as well as whatever you want to change. We will only use the information from your final submission. We will not look at multiple submissions and piece things together.

If your submission fails, try exiting your browser, opening it again, and filling out the form again. If it fails a second time, email and include the exact error message you received. 


Devices for Filling Out This Form:

This form should be usable on multiple devices, including smartphones, but we strongly recommend using a Mac or a PC because of the process required to upload the photos. If you are somewhat tech-savvy and want to try to upload the photos using your phone, you are welcome to do so. We will not provide instructions or support for those devices.

For PCs or iMacs, we recommend collecting your photos in an Apple Photos album or a folder on your computer. Then when you click the button to “Choose Files”, find the folder or album in the browse window that pops up. Hold Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) and select each photo you want to upload. Once you do this and click “Open” or “Okay”, you’ll see the number of photos you picked next to the “Choose Files” button you clicked. If you hover over the number of photos, it will tell you the file names of the photos you uploaded. 

Step 2: Fill Out the Form Below:

Artist Details and Contact Info

Information About Studio, Garden, and Type of Art

Upload Photos (maximum of 3 art photos and 3 garden photos)

Double Check All Your Answers Before You Submit This Form!!! You May Not Get A Second Opportunity

Note: a message should pop up beneath the "Submit" button when your form has sent. This may take some time, especially if you uploaded large photos! Be patient!