Please join us on October 13th and 14th from 10:00am – 4:00pm for the Connecticut Art and Foliage Tour

Map of Participants

Use the map below to find participating artists. Click on the numbered locations for more information or to get directions. Start planning your route today so you can visit all the destinations and be sure to share your Art, Garden and Foliage Tour plans with your friends!

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This will make the map accessible from the Google Maps app on your phone, computer, or other devices with Google Maps and will allow you to easily get directions to the studios that are listed. The steps to view the map will be similar for most devices: (1) Open the Google Maps app or navigate to in your browser, (2) open the menu, (3) click “My Places”, (4) select “Maps”, and  click “Connecticut Art, Garden and Foliage Tour”.  Learn More

About the Artists

Below you’ll find more information about the artists participating in the Tour coming up in June. You can learn a little more about the mediums in which they specialize and also what to expect from a visit to their garden this spring. Click on each artist entry to see examples of their work!